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Be noisy. Natalie Savage grew up hearing these words from her beloved father, who admired Walter Cronkite so much he named the family dog after him. Natalie—who spent her twenties missing out on life’s benchmarks—finally sees her efforts pay off when she’s assigned to cover the White House for her network, ATN. The problem? The position is only temporary, a test to see if she has what it takes. She has always relied on her grit, her principles and her news sense to gain success. But now her competition is a twenty-six-year-old spoiled frat boy who got his big television break by eating raw animal parts on a reality show.

Of course, he’s winning.

Natalie, along with her scrappy production team, has to navigate ratings wars, workplace sexual harassment and an international political crisis in order to prove herself. But the closer she gets to achieving her dream job, the more she wonders if it is worth all the compromise.

Timely, funny and smart, this juicy debut is the perfect tonic for readers contending with today’s politics and the #MeToo movement. Natalie Savage will be sure to join the ranks of our favorite fictional heroines as she figures out that having it all doesn’t mean giving up everything she stands for.

Jessica Yellin is the clear honest voice of our generation.
— Amy Schumer
Given her experience, she clearly knows where many bodies are buried.
— Page Six
Savage News is an incisive, hilarious, all-too-real look at a media culture that deserves skewering from someone who knows it best.
— Jon Favreau, Founder and Co-Host Pod Save America
Jessica Yellin has written the first novel that truly captures the political and media moment in which we’re living. She weaves the absurdity, the gravity and the enormity of the moment together in a highly entertaining narrative. Most impressive - Yellin nails all of the little details in a way that puts you deep inside the most insidery practices and traditions of Washington today. A true must read.
— Nicolle Wallace, Host MSNBC's Deadline: White House, author Eighteen Acres
If The Devil Wears Prada and Broadcast News had a love child, it would be this hilarious satire of the Washington circus. ... funny, smart, and nails our current moment.
— Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global
A page-turning story that takes you behind the scenes of covering the President of the United States while managing all the demands, expectations, and criticisms...
— Dana Perino, Former White House Press Secretary George W. Bush