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About #NewsNotNoise


We think the news should give you information, not a panic attack. Too often the news feeds you outrage, opinion and jargon leaving you more anxious than informed. We started #NewsNotNoise to provide substantive, smart, succinct information on the top stories in the national conversation grounded in facts and drawing on the knowledge of experts not pundits. We separate the news from the noise, so you know which stories really matter and which you can ignore. Our super engaged community asks and answers each other’s questions, without going on the attack. Our goal: to give you a greater sense of understanding and the confidence to engage on the big issues.

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Newsnotnoise.Com – Smart Way To Get Online News Updates Over Internet

In Today’s digital generation, the newspaper & media industry is replacing its way of presentation with an internet. People are always wanted to stay live with happing around the world and so prefer to go with internet online. In this busy world, no one is having enough time to read a newspaper or to watch news on television or listen on radio.

At this stage, when everyone needs to get latest updates around the world will move towards the best news web portal to get updated information from national or international level about sports, entertainment, politics, culture, business, technology, economic, and more on the web.

Yellin, professional political journalist (NewsNotNoise) covers exclusive news from the battleground states and also has reported from across the world including Europe, Russia, China, Latin America, and the Middle East. In 2010, she received a Gracie Award for her extensive report on “The intersection of women and politics”.

About NewsNotNoise

NewsNotNoise is an online new web portal which strongly believes that the news should give you useful information, and not a panic attack. NewsNotNoise was started to provide true, smart, substantive, and succinct information from local, national and international region.

At NewsNotNoise, you can read and watch live news videos, debates, discussions and many more. Election News Today, and live news regarding many prominent personalities like Mueller, Warren, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris News are most popular in readers.

About Jessica Yellin – A News Reporter

Jessica Yellin is an award-winning political journalist; her career includes reporting for MSNBC, ABC, and CNN. She is one of the CNN News Reporters who has covered the Capitol Hill, White House, and regional politics. In her journalism career, she interviewed Presidents Bill Clinton, President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, George H. W.Bush and first lady Laura Bush and many famous personalities.

Yellin studied magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard University and graduated from the Westlake School for Girls. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

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Jessica Yellin

Separating the news from the noise. Author of Savage News (April, 2019). Former CNN Chief White House Correspondent.